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Our focus is creating beautiful, functional gardens and outdoor living spaces

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Remodeling and Home Design



Do it once, do it right.  Getting good advice from a landscape professional is imperative for the success of any landscape project.


Having a background in Horticulture, Landscaping & Pool construction has provided our team the key skills and knowledge to produce landscape designs that are unique, creative, clear, accurate and well thought out along with being easy to read and build from.


We focus on creating a seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor living areas and believe that a well designed garden should improve your way of life for your family whilst adding value to your property by complimenting the style of the home and blending with the surrounding environment.


At Fluid Design we believe a garden should be your sanctuary, a place to unwind and enjoy.

A garden should be a joy to look at and a pleasure to be in no matter what the season………and get better with age if designed, built and cared for correctly.


FLUID DESIGN is an industry leader in providing high quality, professional CAD Landscape Designs. When it comes to visualising your pool and garden we recognize that this is a difficult task for most people… we not only provide easy to read designs in full colour we also render our designs in 3D providing our clients with a realistic view of their project completed before any construction commences.  3D is an amazing tool which provides the confidence to us as designers and you as clients that everyone involved in building your project is on the same page which is crucial for a successful construction process and of course an amazing end result.

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Justin Dibble – Director / Principal Designer


Justin has over 23 years experience in the Horticulture and Landscape industry commencing in 1993.  Working first in wholesale nurseries gaining extensive knowledge of plants, then moving into landscape & swimming pool construction, provided Justin with a strong foundation for landscape & pool design.  


Justin’s creative ability and passion for good design prompted him to gain his Diploma in Horticulture & Landscape Design in 2003.  Justin gained early experience working as a designer for the highly awarded Rolling Stone Landscapes.


Since 2002 Justin always enjoyed working part time on his own design projects however in early 2008 personal ambition drove him to launch his own design business Fluid Design.  His designs have since achieved several awards which has positioned Fluid Design as one of the leading Landscape and Swimming Pool Design firms in Australia.


Justin’s desire is to create stunning swimming pools and outdoor garden spaces that his clients and their families will enjoy for many years.

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