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Our focus is creating beautiful, functional gardens and outdoor living spaces


Landscape Concept Designs & 3D Renders 

Remodeling and Home Design


At Fluid Design we believe a garden should be your sanctuary, a place to unwind and enjoy. Designing and creating a garden for a family to enjoy truly is a special job. It takes good listening, vision, clever and creative solutions, careful planning and most of all the willingness to work with the client in creating their dream garden and outdoor space. 

Below are some examples of just a few of our favourite designs ranging from Residential backyards, full Residential properties and large Acreage Estates. Following the Landscape Designs are several examples of these designs and more in 3D so you can get an understanding of how valuable seeing a project in 3D really is.


Residential Landscape Designs



Acreage Landscape Designs



3D Render Images